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SEO Tools Beneficial for Site Rankings

Are you confident with your SEO tools? If you are trying to be updated in the business, it is important that you arm up your internet strategies with solid and step by step process. Of course, it is important that you always make use of the state of the art SEO tools.

The purpose why most internet marketers are using SEO tools is to minimize the leg work so that the time could be devoted or focused into other aspects of the marketing strategy. Using tools is the most efficient way to save time, effort and money.

If you do not have any know how about these tools, here are the top 3 recommendations that will surely help you to stay on the game:

Authority Labs

If you want to have an updated track of your SEO campaign, this tool is perfect for you. It is easy to use and before you could decide to purchase the premium service of the product, the provider will give you a 30-day trial. This is a good tool especially when you wanted to check the keyword rankings of your keywords may it be daily, weekly or monthly.

What does it do?

It keeps tracks of the local and global results depending on the data you have entered. It is easy to know your performance in a certain geographic location. By knowing the result, you can further take your local SEO strategy into the next level.

It also tracks down your competitors. If you wanted to stay in business, you need to also watch out for your competitors. You have nothing to worry because using this tool is easy plus it is also 100% white label.


If you have so many questions regarding the keywords of your competitors then this tool is perfect for you. Although this is a paid tool that you need to purchase, it will show you the comprehensive organic CPC (cost-per-click) of the keywords used.

This tool is worth investing because it will give you results from the massive data of 71 millions of domains plus 106 million keywords all over the net. The mass data includes adwords, urls, searches, competition and many more. This is easy to use plus the data turnaround is really quick.

Open Site Explorer

If you want to improve your business more, spying the type of links of your competitor is a must. You can use this tool in order to research about the backlinks being made by the competitors in the market. When you see their backlinks, you can be able to build links on that same site they have made links as well, said CEO of leading internet marketing company that provides Houston SEO services.

With this tool, you can have a CSV copy of those compiled links for you to use. You can run different reports with up to 10, 000 gathered backlinks. If you are a free user, the access will be limited. Try the free trial for up to 30 days. And once you see its helpful, you can decide to purchase the premium.